Tumbling Classes

  • Tiny Tots Tumbling (45 mins) - This is a fun introductory level that focuses on the foundation of tumbling! This class will start teaching our tots beginner tumbling skills, and help them improve their balance, coordination, and flexibility. 

    Tumbling 1 & 2 (60 mins) - Upon teacher evaluation, these classes help your tumbler start with the basics, and progress to more difficult tumbling skills such as handstands, cart wheels, front and back walk overs, back and front handsprings. 

  • Advanced Tumbling (60 mins) - Upon teacher evaluation, our advanced program revolves around pushing our tumblers to their fullest potential teaching skills such as Round-off Back Handsprings, back tucks, and more. 

  • Dance Acro (60 mins) - Upon teacher evaluation, this program combines the fluidity of dance with all of our favorite acrobatic tricks!

  • Cirque (60 mins) - This class focuses on flexibility and contortion work. We will teach your future cirque performer how to twist and bend! Ages 9 and up 

    Cheer Class - This class in focused around what your cheerleader needs for their upcoming. The teacher will work through common tricks your cheerleader will need such as handsprings, tucks, and much more! If your cheer leader has a goal to be able to do a Back Tuck in a few weeks, our instructor will have that student focus in on that trick each class. 

  • Adult Classes - Bombshell Dance Fitness Adult Yoga Barre Fit Aerial Yoga

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